Tips on Choosing the Right Skin Cream For Your Caribbean Vacation

You can have fun in the sun when you’re on the beach in Turks and Caicos, but make sure that you protect your skin. Otherwise you could develop very serious conditions. Some people eventually get hyperpigmentation or melasma, and use skin whitening creams to restore their skin’s natural beauty. Keep in mind that these products are for cosmetic purposes only and are not substitutes for sunscreen or sunblock.

Skin whitening not only works to lighten the skin’s complexion, it effectively gets rid of; age spots, uneven skin tone, moles, acne scars, birthmarks, sun damage, old scars and freckles. While some people are not worried about having a dark skin there are some who prefer a clearer and brighter complexion, it is all about personal preference for the people. Skin brighteners reduce melanin in the skin. However some skin lighteners contain dangerous ingredients like mercury, hydroquinone and topical steroids. According to, Meladerm is one of the most popular skin lightening creams that doesn’t contain hydroquinone. Theses dangerous substances cause the appearance of stretch marks, infections and thin skin. Choosing the right skin whitening treatment and especially the one that suits your skin type is therefore vital to avoid risk of de-pigmentation, severe irritations, wounds and blisters.

Major Tips on Selecting the Right Skin Lightening Cream

· Identify your skin type- Some skin brighteners are specifically designed for particular skin types. Oily skins may be damaged by skin lighteners with excessive oil. Inappropriate lighteners may cause allergic reactions, acne and pimples. Skin tones range from light, medium, fair, olive to brown skin and black skin. Skin types or states includes dry, oily and normal. To find out your skin tone you can simply wash your face, dry it and leave for 15 minutes and check in front of a mirror. You can also get some pointers from on how to handle different skin types.

· Check recommendations- Skin Lighteners have widely been used to treat hyper-pigmentation and melasma. You can consult your dermatologist or refer to online forums on hyper-pigmentation and melasma. Shared experiences of people with similar conditions may help in making a decision.

· Use only high quality and reputable lightening cream- Buy from brands with credible reputable products. The skin lightener should be branded.

· Check the ingredients- It is vital to check the ingredients list to ensure dangerous chemicals like mercury, steroids and hydroquinone are not used to make the lightener. Natural and effective ingredients used include licorice, actic acid, lemon juice, mulberry and glycolic acid. Check out to find what ingredients are used in your favorite skin lightening cream.

Commonly Used Natural and Effective Skin Lightening Ingredients
Alpha Arbutin – It works by inhibiting the production of melanin and is water soluble. Shea Butter- It is has the same properties as sun screen. Kojic Acid – Used widely in the ancient Asia to heal bad pigmentation and get rid of age spots. Tego Cosmo C – It is a form of amino acid known to even skin tone and treat melasma. Gigawhite – A natural plant product commonly used in place of hydroquinone. Arbutin – It is a product of bearberry plant that effectively reduces dark patches on the skin. Lumiskin – Commonly know to even skin tone and also generally lighten the skin

Major misconceptions on skin lightening are a result of selecting the wrong product and not following provided prescriptions. A skin brightener free of harmful chemicals will certainly give you the bright clear and fair complexion you desire. A good choice of lightener can definitely reverse premature aging, rid skin discoloration, and reverse sun damage and clear fine lines. You can now go ahead and make a more informed choice when selecting the right skin whitening product for your skin. Skin lightening could not be easier.

Four Things to Look For When Buying an Espresso Machine in the Caribbean

Buying any home appliance or machine may require you to devote your time, energy and patience, so that you can be in a better position to choose the best product. This is especially true if you’re buying it in Turks and Caicos or elsewhere in the Caribbean, because you need to make sure that it will work when you take it home with you.

Like any other home appliance and machine, an espresso machine will need to be researched. You will have to ensure that you know the frequency of using it, its purposes and the cost benefit that comes when you purchase it. When you will be reviewing the different types of espresso machines present in the market, there are many prudent factors to consider including its maintenance costs. The following are some of the features that will be important to look for in the machine so as to buy the best and perfect one for your job.

1.The Machine Aesthetics.

As a homeowner, it will work best for you if you choose to buy an espresso machine that has most of its features matching with other home appliances. The machine aesthetics involves knowing features such as the color of the machine, the material used to make its exterior, where the spout is situated and where the plug is. Espresso machines that are made of stainless steel will stand out a bit with home appliances that are white or black. Many people like the stainless steel Breville 800ESXL, which you can find at It will also be important to know the location as well as the length of the plug when it comes to refilling the machine. In most cases, it might be safer to have it placed far from the outlet.

2. The Grinding Capabilities.

You will have to choose the espresso machine depending on its grinding capabilities. Some of the espresso machines offer a grinder that is built-in. There are also grinders that host unground coffee beans within a canister. As a consumer, one thing you will have to do is to select the amount of coffee to be ground before it is finally ground fresh for the brew. If you want a strong grinder, check out the DeLonghi Magnifica at for a powerful machine. Homeowners will find other machines offer a receptacle meant for coffee grinds that will be ground by either with another appliance or right at the store. For those who will be in a serious need of a truly robust coffee blend, built-in coffee grinders will work best for them.

3. The Water Storage Capacity.

An espresso machine usually has the capability of holding up to eight cups of espresso. However, there are those containers that have small spouts while others have larger mouths. In these two cases, you can have the water poured in without necessarily using a funnel. It will also be important to know how water will be entering the machine so as to promote the ease of use. You can visit to find lots of coffee and espresso machines which can store a large amount of water.

4. Cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, home appliances, it might be arduous and you can opt to save this activity for spring cleaning chores. It will be prudent to make a decision about cleaning the espresso machine regularly so as to enjoy its services for a couple of years. When an espresso machine is exposed to moisture, it should be dried to reduce the chances of rusting. Ensure that the frothing equipment, the water receptacle and any cups for beverage uses are all cleaned after using them.

These are some of the important features that homeowners should look for when they are buying an espresso machine.

Things to Do in Turks and Caicos

Overlooked by many when considering a Caribbean vacation, the Turks and Caicos Islands may be exactly what you are looking for in a vacation. There you can find what you are looking for in a tropical island.

With world class diving, snorkeling and fishing you can have an active vacation or you may choose to relax, lay back on the sand, and enjoy the miles of uncrowded, pristine beaches. Located southeast of the Bahamas and north of the Dominican Republic, the island group consists of 40 low-lying coral islands. Although they’ve toyed with sovereignty in the recent past, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory. In addition to a unique Creole language, everyone speaks English and is very friendly.

There are many things to do in the Turks and Caicos Islands. With a 14-mile barrier reef and a huge underwater wall, the islands are a diver’s paradise. Whether day trips from shore, just off the beach, or on one of the live-aboard dive ships operating in the area, the protected reefs offer world class diving opportunities for the beginner or experienced diver. Sailing is another great pastime as many sailors berth there in their trips around the Caribbean.

The Caicos Islands are made up of several islands, with Provodenciales (Provo) being the most populated and home to the main airport. The islands range in population from 23,000 on Provo to none on East Caicos. On these islands you can find resorts, beaches, coves for sailing boats and even great shopping. You can get away to any one of hundreds of beaches in the Caicos Islands, visit local craftsmen making woven baskets, or you may choose to play golf at one of the Caribbean’s best courses. Some of the best restaurants and coffee shops are on Provo.

The Turks Islands offer historical destinations as they were once home to plantations and a historical salt-production industry on Salt Cay. The population of Salt Cay hovers around 100 but you can stay at several villas, cottages, or houses that are available for visitors. While getting there might be challenging, it’s worth the trip. You can explore the tiny triangle sized island by foot and visit the many historical buildings that were once home to the big salt producing industry. Diving there from shore is great and you’ll most likely be the only one on the beach. Salt Cay is also the whale watching headquarters with humpbacks often passing through the nearby 7,000 foot deep Columbus passage. You can hear them sing their songs as they move through the islands.

Some people also visit Caribbean Islands for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic procedures that are too expensive in America or Europe, such as rhinoplasty, orthodontics, and skin treatment.

Grand Turk is more populated with nearly 5,000 residents. In Cockburn town, the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, you’ll find great dive operators, horse rides, go on a stingray safari, snorkel and go on a dune buggy adventure. One of the best things to do is go on an eco-safari and kayak around the island through mangroves and coves. It’s a great way to bird watch.

If you time your vacation right, there is an annual cultural festival that showcases many performances and local ripsaw music. And don’t forget to enjoy the island’s specialty, conch fritters.